Working Papers  

Working Papers (updated 24. July 2005 )


Hans-Willi Schroiff & David Arnold
Managing the Brand-Product Continuum in International Markets

Contribution for the Harvard Business School Colloquium on the "Globalization of Markets" (March 2003)

Hans-Willi Schroiff
Management, Accountability, an Research - The Quest for the Objective Truth

Introductory Speech at the 2003 ESOMAR Congress, Prague (September 2003)

Hans-Willi Schroiff
Where do you go to, my lovely? - Pers├Ânliche Anmerkungen zur Zukunft der Marktforschung

Keynote Address at the 50th Anniversary of the Arbeitskreis Deutscher Marktforschungs-Institute (ADM), N├╝rnberg (June 2005)




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"Is prime time over for manu-facturer brands", paper in preparation together with David Arnold.

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