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About Me (updated 24. July 2005 )

Born May 8, 1952 in Bardenberg near Aachen (Federal Republic of Germany); served as a two-year volunteer with the German Air Force (July 1971 - June 1973) in NATO Headquarters Allied Forces Central Europe (AFCENT), Brunssum, The Netherlands.


School Education: Elementary School 1958 - 1962 in Kohlscheid (Germany); secondary school 1962 - 1965 in Würselen; "Gymnasium" (college) 1965 - 1971 in Alsdorf.

University Education: Psychology at Aachen Technical University (RWTH Aachen; 1973- 1978).

Academic Degrees:

  • Diplom-Psychologe (May 1978), Aachen Technical University (Master's Degree in Psychology)
  • Dr. phil. (July 1983), Aachen Technical University (Ph.D. in Psychology)


Department of Psychology Aachen Technical University
  • June 1978 - September 1982: Research Assistant in Project "Systemdenken" (Thinking and Decisions in Complex Systems) funded by the German National Science Foundation, grant to Prof.Dr. Dietrich Dörner, Prof.Dr. Gerd Lüer
  • October 1982 - March 1984: Scientific Co-worker (Department of General and Physiological Psychology; chair: Prof.Dr. Günter Debus)
  • April 1984 - March 1987: Assistant Professor (C1) of Psychology (Department of General and Applied Psychology; chair: Prof. Dr. Andries F. Sanders)
HENKEL KGaA, Düsseldorf
  • April 1987 - January 1988: Senior Researcher "Market and Communication Research" Germany
  • February 1988 - March 1990: National Research Manager "Market and Communication Research Germany"
  • April 1990 - May 1993: International Research Manager "Market and Communication Research Europe" and Head of "Market and Communication Research Germany"
  • June 1993: Director of International Market Research for the Henkel Group - covering all ad hoc and quantitative research for Henkel fmcg products worldwideFebruary 1997:  
  • November 1999: Vice President Market Research/ Business Intelligence


1998: "Best Paper Award"; 51st ESOMAR Congress, Berlin for the paper "Creating competitive intellectual capital: The Henkel case".

2005: "Market Researcher of the Year" Award, 50th Congress of the German Market Research Society (BVM).

Membership in Professional Associations
Marketing Science Institute; Boston (Member of Executive Committee)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie, Göttingen
· Deutsche Werbewissenschaftliche Gesellschaft, Bonn

Research Interests
· Knowledge Management and Corporate Decision Making
· Transnational Marketing Strategy
· Transnational Innovation Management
· New Product Development
· Relating Data to Decision Making (Knowledge Management)
· Differential Advertising Evaluation

· German (native speaker)
· English (fluent - business and publication language)
· Dutch (conversation skills)
· French (rusty, but still good passive understanding)

· tennis
· playing rock music (guitar, keyboards); 
· reading (preferably biographies)




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